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Children’s Choir

For membership resources for the Children’ Choir, check out the Children’s Choir page.

Online directory and recordings

Click here for the online Member Directory, or here to play and download performances and other recordings. These pages are password-protected.


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Rehearsals during the concert season are Thursday nights from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Cadenza rehearses Thursdays 6:15 to 7:15 pm, before the full Chorale. First rehearsal for the 2017/2018 season was August 24, 2017. Regular rehearsals are in the sanctuary of Grand View United Methodist Church on the northwest side of Dubuque.


The Calendar page lists rehearsal times and locations, concert dates and venues, and other Chorale-related activities like our fall retreat and board meetings.

Click here for instructions on adding the Chorale calendar to your electronic calendar (Microsoft Outlook, the calendar on your phone).

Contact and Commitment Forms

Your personal information is requested on the Fall 2017 Contact and Commitment Forms, along with commitments for specific concert dates. Please fill out and print both pages, and submit them to your Section Coordinator at your first rehearsal.


Annual dues for the 2017/2018 season are $80; $25 for students. Cadenza dues are an additional $25. Members for whom the cost is prohibitive are encouraged to submit a Membership Dues Assistance Form to their section coordinator. For more details, see the handbook.

Section Coordinators

The Section Coordinators welcome new members, take attendance, and provide a point of contact with the organization. You should contact your section coordinator if you must miss a rehearsal, for example. Click here to send an email:

Sopranos: Mary Beth Ferring
Altos: Melissa Jensen
Tenors: Nick McNees
Basses: Mike Jozefowicz

Additional contact information such as phone numbers will be made available to Chorale members in rehearsal. It’s also available in the Member Directory.

Bob’s resignation

At their June 2017 meeting, the Chorale Board sadly accepted Bob Demaree’s resignation as the Artistic Director of the Chorale, effective at the end of the 2017/18 season. While we will greatly miss his exemplary leadership, we wish him every success and happiness in his future endeavors. Click here to read his resignation letter to the Board and to the Chorale.

Mission Statement

The Dubuque Chorale’s mission is to engage, educate, enrich, and inspire the community by presenting diverse choral music with artistic excellence.


Fall 2017 Contact and Commitment Forms Please submit these contact and commitment forms at your first rehearsal.
Summer 2017 Welcome Email The welcome letter talks about this season and gives a synopsis of the season’s concerts.
Dues Assistance Form Fill out this confidential form to request assistance with the season’s dues.
Check Request Fill out and submit this form to request reimbursement for a Chorale-related expense.
Children’s Choir Volunteer Contract Please fill out and submit this contract if you intend to provide services to the members of the Children’s Choir.
Handbook The handbook gives a welcome and brief history of the organization, and covers topics like dues, attendance, and concert attire.
Vision for 2019 The Dubuque Chorale’s Vision document describes our vision of ourselves three years from now.
Strategic Plan The Strategic Plan defines goals and objectives for the next three years in order to achieve our vision.
By-Laws The Dubuque Chorale’s by-laws are the operating manual of the organization. The Board encourages the members of the Chorale to be familiar with them.

Quebec Tour

Quebec Tour »

Get the brochure for our summer 2018 tour of Montreal and Quebec City!

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Click the link above to email any hours you have spent volunteering for the Chorale.

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Cadenza Christmas »

Check out the Christmas video from Cadenza’s 2017 Roshek caroling!